24 May, 2014

Rc.No.1485/D3-1/2014, Dt: 22-05-2014 :: Instructions issued on Reliving of transfered but not relived teachers during 2013

Rc.No.1485/D3-1/2014, Dt: 22-05-2014 :: School  Education - Rational/Transfers of teachers during 2013 - Relieving of the teachers    Instructions issued - Reg.

1. G.O.Ms.No.33 Edn. (SE-Ser.lll) Dept., dated 02-05-2013.
2. C.&DSE Proc.Rc.No.1485/D3-1/2013 dated 02-05-2013.
3. C.&© Proc.Rc.No.1485/D3-1/2013 dated 17-05-2013.

All the District Educational Officers and the Regional Joint Directors of School Education in the State are informed that the transfer counseling process of teachers was taken up during the month of May, 2013 in the State.   Further instructions were issued to all the District Educational Officers in the State in the reference 3rd read above that, "The Teachers (including subject teachers) who are on transfer shall be relieved from the present place of working subject to the condition that there shall be 50% of regular teachers working in the schools and only the senior-most teacher shall be relieved.  On account of transfers no schools shall remain without teachers, in such cases the teachers shall be relieved only after joining of substitutes".

Now, some of the teachers who were issued transfer orders during the transfer counseling in May, 2013 and some of the teacher unions are frequently requesting for relief of those teachers who have received transfer orders in the transfer counseling and who could not be relieved from the school for want of subject teachers/substitutes.

Therefore,  the  District Educational  Officers and  Regional Joint Directors   of   School   Education   are   instructed   to   examine  the implementation of orders issued in the reference 3`d read above.
(a) They shall identify the teachers and schools where the transfer orders are issued to the teachers but could not be relieved till today for want of subject teachers/substitutes.
(b) Implications involved in case of relief;
(c) Whether any school is likely to become a single teacher school or no teacher school, in such a school how many teachers will be left in case the teacher (under orders of transfer) is relieved and
(d) What is the enrolment.

The  District Educational  Officer shall send report,  school-wise, indicating the status of each school duly indicating the following details.

The District Educational Officer shall send the above reports to the Regional Joint Director of School Education concerned.   The Regional Joint Director of School Education shall examine and on satisfying the said conditions shall send the same to the Commissioner and Director of School Education with specific recommendations.

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