08 May, 2014

GO Ms No.97, Dt: 07-05-2014 :: Apportionment of Pension Liability by PAG (A&E)/DAO - Additional FORM for PART II (C) added to the Pension proposals

GO Ms No.97, Dt: 07-05-2014 :: Pensions - AP State Reorganisation Act 2014 - Apportionment of Pension Liability as per Schedule VIII of the Act - Apportionment of Pension Liability by PAG (A&E)/DAO at the time of pension authorisation - Certain additions to the Pension proposals proforma - Orders - Issued.

1. GO Ms No.263, Fin. & Plg. (PSC) Department, dt. 23-11-1998
2. AP State Reorganisation Act 6 of 2014
3. Lr  No.D(I)1/4511/2014,  dt.16-4-2014  received  from  Director, DTA, AP., Hyd.

1. Kind attention is invited to AP State Re-organisation Act 6 of 2014.

2.  As per para 5 (i) of Schedule VIII of Act “The liability in respect of the pension  of  any  officer  service  immediately  before the  appointed  day  in connection  with  the  affairs  of  the  existing  State  of  Andhra  Pradesh  and retiring on or after that day shall be that of successor State granting him the pension and other retirement benefits.  But the portion of pension and other retirement benefits attributable to the service of any such officer before the appointed day in connection with the affairs of the existing state of Andhra Pradesh  shall  be  allocable  between  the  successor  states  on  the  basis  of population ratio and the Government granting the pension shall be entitled to recover from the other successor State its share of the liability. ”

3. From the above para, it is clear that in respect of officers retiring after the appointed, the Pensionary benefits needs to be apportioned at the time of authorisation by the PAG (A&E)/DAO.

4. The  DAG  (Pensions),  O/o.  PAG  (A&E)  has  also  assured  to  indicate apportionment of pensionary benefits at the time of authorisation of pension

5. At present the pension proposal submitted by the employees consists of the following information:
1.  Part-I - Information to be furnished by the Government/Applicant
2.  Part -II (A) - Information to be filled by the Pension Sanctioning
3.  Part - II (B) - Sanction of Pension by Pension Sanctioning Authority

6. In view of the above, Part-II (C) is now added to the Pension proposals as  shown  below  for  furnishing  an  additional  information  by  the  Pension Sanctioning Authorities while forwarding pension papers regarding service particulars of the retiring employees after appointed day for indicating the apportionment  of  pension  liability  between  the  Telangana  and  Residuary State of Andhra Pradesh by the Pension Authorisation issuing Authorities i.e. PAG (A&E)/DAO.

Download GO Ms No.97, Dt: 07-05-2014

Download Part II (C) Form for PENSION PROPOSALS

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