20 October, 2013

Message from DEO, PRAKASAM

All the HMs in Dist have to Prepare List of working days they lost in strike,
Which dates they want to run the skul & Send Lists to MEO/DyEO.

A Good analysis on Classical Music and its importance ::

నేటి యువత ముఖ్యంగా సినిమా పాటలు పాడేవారు career, devotion, voice culture, pitch, range, versatality ఇలా చాలా విషయాలు వారి interviews లో చెప్తూంటారు. వారిలో కొందరైనా మన సంస్కృతికి అద్దం పట్టేలాంటి శాస్త్రీయ సంగీతాన్ని వృత్తిగా ఎందుకు ఎంచుకోరు? చేవలేక కాదు. కష్టపడడం ఎందుకని? తక్కువ పేరొచ్చే విషయంలో ఎందుకు కష్టపడడమని. తల్లిదండ్రులు కూడా తమ పిల్లలు గుర్తింపు పొందాలి, త్వరగా పేరు తెచ్చుకోవాలి అనుకుంటున్నారే గానీ విషయ జ్హానం సంపాదించుకోవాలనుకోవడం లేదు.

Read Complete Analysis on  - శాస్త్రీయ సంగీతం - విశిష్టత

According to Indian Constitution Parliament has only Right to Take Decision on Bifurcation - Prof. K.Nageswar | 10tv

Sainik School Korukonda Admission Notification for 2014-15 for 6th, 9th Classes

సమ్మె కాలం సర్దుబాటు కై ఉత్తర్వులు జారీ :: DEO, Prakasam

13 October, 2013, Dt.11.10.13 :: Aided Rationalisation proceedings withdrawn by DSE

Tropical Cyclone Phailin - Emergency Phone Numbers Helpline

Dear Citizens,

Cyclonic Storm Phailin is a violent tropical cyclone currently threatening the eastern coast of India Find the Emergency Helpline Numbers Below and share it with your friends as this can save someones life.

Orrisa Balasore: +91-6782-262674 Bhadrak: +91-6784-251881 Cuttack: +91-671-2507842 Dhenkanal: +91-6762-221376 Gajapati: +91-6815-222943 Ganjam: +91-6811-263978 Jagatsinghpur: +91-6724-220368 Jajpur: +91-6728-222648 Kendrapara: +91-6727-232803 Keonjhar: +91-6766-255437 Khurda: +91-6755-220002 Mayurbhanj: +91-6792-252759 Nayagarh: +91-6753-252978 Puri: +91-6752-223237

Andra Pradesh Hyderabad: +91-4023-456005 / +91-4023-451043

Railway Helpline Vizag-0891-2505793, 08935-249672 Vizianagaram-08922-225510 Srikakulam-08942- 28722 Naupada-08945-249728 Rayagada-06856-6222407 Koraput-06852-251802

07 October, 2013

Request format for uniform cloth by submitting roll particulars of school

Rc.907, Dt.25.9.13 :: Guidelines to run the Seasonal Hostels for 2013-14 by NGOs

Rc.556, Dt: 5.10.13 :: Unspent School Complex TLM Grants to be returned Back

Rc.No:469, Dt:24.9.13 :: Save water save future 4th nationwide painting competition 2013

Cir.Memo.No: A3/RVM/460/2013, Dt.4.10.13 :: Video conference with DPO's,Financial Account officers,MEO's, System Analysts on 8.10.13 on Financial Management Management Services,%20Dt.4.10.13.pdf?part=4

GO.Ms.No.22, Dt.4.10.13 :: Guidelines for pre matric BC scholarships from 2013-14

What Is the Nobel Prize Medal Made Of? - Nobel Prize Medal Composition

RcNo.Spl_ASPD.I_13, Dt.5.10.13 - Video Conference with CRP's in State on 9.10.13 from 9 to 11 AM,%20Dt.5.10.13%20-%20%20Video%20Conference%20with%20CRP's%20in%20State%20on%209.10.13%20from%209%20to%2011%20AM.pdf?part=6

Rc.No.8519/A1/RMSA/2012, Dt.26.9.13 – Instructions of DEO,Prakasam to Pay for Drawing Eqpmnt,maps,charts, Sports Material by Lepakshi and Science, Maths kits by HACA to HM’s,%20Dt.26.9.13%20%E2%80%93%20Instructions%20of%20DEO,Prakasam%20to%20Pay%20for%20Drawing%20Eqpmnt,maps,charts,%20Sports%20Material%20by%20Lepakshi%20and%20Science,%20Maths%20kits%20by%20HACA%20to%20HM%E2%80%99s.pdf?part=5

Lr. RC No:2686/SSA/C1/2013 ,Dt.3.10.13 :: Prakasam Dist Collector s letter on Non Satisfactory of performance of Collection and Data Entry of Students Profile,Dt.%2003%20%20-10-2013%20%E2%80%93%20Prakasam%20Dist%20Collector%20s%20letter%20on%20Non%20Satisfactory%20of%20performance%20of%20Collection%20and%20Data%20Entry%20of%20Students%20Profile.docx?part=4

RVM New Logo in English and Telugu

KGBV Special Officers Recruitment Notification 2013, Written Exam Syllabus

GO.MS.No:262, Dt:30.9.13 :: Permission to fill 3025 Posts through Direct Recruitment


GO.425, Dt:27.9.13 :: Salaries of Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam Municipal corporations will be under 010 Head

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