18 May, 2014

Rc.No.132, Dt:14.5.14 :: Instructions to HM's & Clerical staff to attend school for SSC Adv. Supp. Exam Duties

Rc.No.132/E1-1/2008, Dated:14-05-2014 :: School   Education - Conduct   of   SSC   Advanced  Supplementary
Examinations, May/June 2014 - Instructions issued to all the Heads of Schools including Clerical staff and Office Sub-ordinates to be present during Summer Vacation - Reg.

Re:- Lr.Rc.No.87/B-2/2014, Dated: 19-04-2014 from the DGE., Hyderabad.

All the District Educational Officer in the state are informed that, the Director of Government Examinations, Hyderabad in the reference read above has informed that the SSC Advanced Supplementary Examinations will be held in the 3Id week of June, 2014 tentatively and the results will be released in the last week of July, 2014 for which, the presence of all the Headmasters/Clerical Staff/Office Sub-ordinates of all Secondary Schools are essentially required for the following purposes:-

i) To receive extractions of nominal rolls of failed candidates
ii) To receive fail memos of the failed candidates. iii) To receive and remit the examination fee.

Therefore, all the District Educational Officer in the state are requested to issue necessary instructions.

1. Prevent all the Heads of Secondary Schools under all Managements along
with one Non-Teaching Staff including Office Sub-ordinate personnel from availing summer vacation, with effect from the date of release of results of SSC March 2014 to till re-opening of Schools.
2. Obtain the names of personnel who are requesting for prevention and issue specific orders of prevention of summer vacation as per need.
3. Earned Leave may be preserved for all those employees who are prevented from availing summer vacation as per leave rules.

Further,  they  are  requested to entrust the SSC Advanced Supplementary Examinations work to a senior teaching staff of the school where there is no sanctioned clerical post or if the post is vacant.

This has the approval of the Commissioner and Director of School Education, A.P., Hyderabad.

Download Rc.No.132/E1-1/2008, Dated:14-05-2014

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