27 May, 2014

Rc.No.1314/RVM(SSA)/A3/2014, Dt.09.05.2014 :: Re engaging of IERT's for 2014-15

Rc.No.1314/RVM(SSA)/A3/2014, Dt.09.05.2014 :: RVM(SSA), Prakasam District - Re-Engaging of IERTs in Mandals - For the Academic year 2014-15 - Certain instruction- Issued -Reg.

Ref:-1. Proc.Rc.No.1522/RVM(SSA)/A3/2012,   dt.9-4-2014of  the Project Officer, RVM(SSA), Prakasam Dt. Ongole.
2.   Proc.Rc.No.5730/RVM(SSA)/A3/2010,   dt.28.04.2014 of  the State Project Director, RVM(SSA), AP., Hyderabad.

As  per the  reference 1st  cited, the IERTs who are working  in the mandals were terminated on 23.04.2014. Further in the reference 2nd cited, the State Project Director, RVM (SSA), AP., Hyderabad has instructed all the Project Officers in the state to Re-engaging the services of the IERTs who worked in mandals basing on their performance for the Academic Year 2014-15. The Criteria for assessing the performance of IERTs is regularity, punctuality, commitment of duties, and improvement in CWSN etc.

In view of the above, the Mandal Educational Officers are requested to constitute a committee with the following and submit the performance reports of IERTs on or before 05.05.2014 to the undersigned for taking further necessary action.

Mandal Educational Officer-Chairman
Parent of HBE CwSN-Member
Parent of another CwSN-Member

Download Rc.No.1314/RVM(SSA)/A3/2014, Dt.09.05.2014

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