08 May, 2014

Proc.Rc.No.134/RVM-SSA/C1/2014, Dated: 26.04.2014. :: Strengthening of `C' Gradechildren - Guidelines for Organizing summer camp for low achievers of Class I to V

Proc.Rc.No.134/RVM-SSA/C1/2014, Dated: 26.04.2014. :: RVM(SSA), A.P, Hyd    Pedagogy wing    Strengthening of `C' Gradechildren    Organizing summer camp for low achievers of  Class I to V - Certain guidelines    Issued - Reg.

All the District Educational Officers and Project Officers of RVM(SSA) in the state are informed that the State Project Office, RVM is providing workbooks to impart the basics in language, Maths and Science for the low achievers (Children who are in Grade    C) in summer holidays, so as to equip them for smooth entry into the designated class in the new academic year.
In this context certain guidelines are issued for organizing the summer camp for low-achievers to Children of Classes I to V commencing from 1st and 2nd week of May, 2014to 10th June, 2014. (Enclosed).
Therefore, all the District Educational Officers and Project Officers of RVM(SSA) in the state are requested to strictly follow the instructions  and guidelines issued (enclosed) for organizing the summer camp for low achievers to children of Classes I to V in the state and also to identify and prepare the list of schools at every school complex level which have more number of children with "C" grade  in the prescribed format communicated earlier. Further they are also requested to tag each CRP to the identified school to run the summer camp.

This has got the approval of the State Project Director, A.P, Hyderabad.



• Objective of the Programme:  To impart the   basics in languages, maths and Sciences for the low achievers (Children who are in grade -C) in summer holidays so as to equip them for smooth entry into the designated class in the new
academic year.
• Duration of the Programme:  one month    Commences from 10th May, 2013 to 10th June, 2014. o  Daily two hours
• Target group: Low Achievers (C-grade children of Class-I & II and Classes III to V of current academic year 2013-14)
At least 50 children (Children of classes I to V)
• Venue: One Primary school or Upper Primary school representing from each School complex in all the districts.
• Who will teach: The CRP attached to School complex / MEO will organize the Summer camp and teach the children.
• Materials Provided: Each child is provided with one Workbook
Two volumes are designed
For Class-I and Class II children    together one volume
For classes III, IV and V children    together one volume
Each  identified  center/school is provided with 50workbooks (25 workbooks for class I & II + 25 books of classes III to V)

Teaching Strategies:

* Knowing of child where he stands by conducting simple test or by oral test.
*  Record what Child knows.
*  Teach the basics what child does not know individually or in groups. o  Give the work book for practice.
*  Check the practice book daily and do corrections
*  Correct the child where he is going wrong,  address the learning problem of the child on individual basis.
*  Note the progress of each student weekly once o  Record the progress in the given format.


•  The POs and AMOs shall give instructions to MEOs/School complex HM/CRPs to identify one school within the jurisdiction of school complex level having adequate number of low achievers in primary classes i.e., at least 50 children.
•  If any one school do not have adequate number of low achievers, attach the low  achievers  of neighboring school  located  at  a reasonable  walkable distance.
•   In absence of any neighbouring school not found within the reasonable distance, identify one more school. The combined strength should not exceed 50 children from both the schools.
•   If two schools are identified within the School complex, the CRP shall run the Summer camp in both the villages / Schools on alternate days.
•   Inspite of all these efforts, if students are still fall short of `50', then identify the children of classes VI and VII who are weak in basics and induct them in summer camp.  Such children shall be given workbooks meant for primary classes.


• Collect the list of schools from each School complex level for organizing summer camp by 22nd April, 2014.
• Tag the identified school/schools for each CRP along with the instructions.
• Distribute the workbooks @ 50 (25 workbooks of Class-I & II + 25 workbooks meant for classes 3 to 5) to each center/school identified for summer camp.
• Provide the materials such as chalk peices and other learning materials available in the school for teaching.
• The  concerned School complex HM/MEO shall monitor the working of Summer camp and provide academic guidance to CRPs and also monitor the children academic progress.
• Instructions shall be given to School complex HM/MEO/CRPs to organize the parents meeting/SMC meeting of identified school for running the summer camp well in advance highlighting the importance of the summer camp and ensuring the regular attendance of the targeted children.
• All Sectoral officers of the District shall allot the mandals to monitor the summer camps.
• A teleconference will be organized at the State level in 1st/2nd week of May, 2014. Ensure the participation of all Sectorals officers, MEOs, School complex HMs and CRPs. 

Download Proc.Rc.No.134/RVM-SSA/C1/2014, Dated: 26.04.2014

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