11 September, 2014

11 facts about Global Warming

1. Global warming is the
increase of Earth's average
surface temperature due to
greenhouse gases, such as
carbon dioxide emissions from
burning fossil fuels or from
deforestation, which trap heat
that would otherwise escape
from Earth.
2. Greenhouse gases keep heat
close to the earth’s surface
making it livable for humans
and animals. However, global
warming is happening largely
due to an over-emittance of
these gases and fossil fuels
(natural oil, gasoline, coal).
3. With the start of industry in
the 1700's, humans began
emitting more fossil fuels from
coal, oil, and gas to run our
cars, trucks, and factories. By
driving a “smarter” car, you will
not only save on gas, but help
prevent global warming.
4. There is more carbon dioxide
in the atmosphere today than at
any point in the last 800,000
5. In total, the U.S. emits
approximately 6 billion tons of
carbon dioxide every year. 40%
of that comes from power plant
emissions alone.
6. The NRDC (Natural Resources
Defense Council) proposed the
Clean Air Act to cut power plant
emissions by 26% in the next 7
7. Since 1870, global sea levels
have risen by about 8 inches.
8. Consequences of global
warming include drought, severe
hurricanes, massive fires and
melting of the polar caps.
9. Heat waves caused by global
warming present greater risk of
heat-related illness and death,
most frequently among patients
of diabetes who are elderly or
very young.
10. According to the U.S. Global
Change Research Program, the
temperature in the U.S. has
increased by 2 degrees in the
last 50 years and precipitation
by 5%.
11. Global warming puts coral
reefs in danger as warmer water
increases the possibility of coral
diseases and the rising sea
levels makes it more difficult for
coral to receive adequate

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