13 February, 2014

U.O.Note.No.20332 / M2/2013 Dated:01-01-2014 :: Medical Reimbursement facility continue up to Mar 2014, for those who have not been issued Health Cards

U.O.Note.No.20332 / M2/2013 Dated:01-01-2014 :: Health, Medical & Family Welfare - Employees Health Scheme
- Effecting deductions from the salaries / pensions of Employees / Pensions - Issue of revised Instructions -

1. G.O.Ms.No.l74HM&FW(M2)Dept dated 01-11-2013.
2. This Dept's U.O.Note No.20332/M2/13 dt 02-12-2013.

In the G.O. first cited orders were issued notifying the Employees Health Scheme (EHS) and its implementation. In the reference 2nd cited, the General
Administration (Ser&HMR) Dept., and Finance Dept., were requested to issue instructions to all Heads of Departments and Drawing & Disbursing Officers to effect deduction of monthly contribution from the January salary payable on 01-02-2014.
It was also requested issue suitable instructions to the effect that claims for reimbursement would not be entertained under APIMA Rules, 1972 from 01-01-2014 in respect of ailments / procedures covered under the Employees Health Scheme. It was
further informed that reimbursement claims in respect of emergencies, if any, outside
the State, will be processed as per the existing APIMA Rules, 1972.
2. The Chief Secretary to Government held a meeting with the representatives of
Employees / Pensioners Associations on 29-12-2013 at 3.00 pm. In the meeting, it was
represented to the Chief Secretary to Govt., that a majority of the employees have not yet enrolled under the Employees Health Scheme due to various reasons and that it may take some more time for all the employees to enroll. The representatives of Employees
Associations have therefore requested that the time for effecting salary deductions may be extended They have also represented that the time limit stipulated for acceptance of
medical reimbursement claims under APIMA Rules, 1972 may also be extended correspondingly.
3. In the meeting convened by the Chief Minister on 30-12-2013, with Chief Secretary to Government, Principal Secretary to Govt., HM&FW Dept., and Principal Secretary to Govt., GA (Ser&.HRM) Dept. the following decisions were taken:
(i) Deductions may be effected from the March salary / pension
payable on 01-04-2014 instead of from January salary / pension
to enable health cards to be issued to the employees / pensioners; and
(ii) Reimbursement of medical expenses under APIMA Rules, 1972 shall continue till March, 2014 for those who have not been
issued health cards. Those who have been issued health cards
will, however, avail treatment under the Employees Health
4. The General Administration (Ser.&HRM) Department and Finance Department
are requested to issue instructions to all the Heads of Departments and Drawing &
Disbursing Officers, accordingly.

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