07 February, 2014

Rc.No.5991/RVM (SSA)/SIEMATB8/2013, Date 29.01.2014 :: SIEMAT-SLAS-2014-Instructions for Conduct of activities at State level and District level for conduct of achievement survey on 6-7th, February, 2014

Rc.No.5991/RVM (SSA)/SIEMATB8/2013, Date 29.01.2014 :: SIEMAT-SLAS-2014-Instructions for  Conduct of activities at State level and District level for conduct of achievement survey on 6-7th, February, 2014

       All  the  District  Educational  Officers,  Project  Officers  of RVM(SSA) and Principals of DIETs in the State are hereby informed that SIEMAT is conducting  State Level Achievement Survey (SLAS -2013-14) in collaboration with SCERT on 6-7th  February, 2014 for classes 3rd 5th and 8th. For this purpose 1036 Telugu Medium schools and 50 Urdu Schools are identified across the State. The test will be conducted by the Cluster Resource Persons (CRPs') of neighbouring mandal.  For this purpose it is estimated that a total 2113 CRPs are required for administering the tools.
       The DEOs, District Project Officers of RVM (SSA), Sectoral Officers of RVM Principals of DIETs and concerned Mandal Educational Officers where the SLAS is administering are requested to participate in the video conference scheduled on 1" February, 2014 from 1.00 pm to 3.00 pm. The purpose of the Video Conference, is to brief the preparatory work to be done by the DPOs, and process involved in conduct of SLAS-2014 For Smooth conduct of SLAS, a State Level Orientation programme is scheduled on 1st February, 2014 at SPO, in Godavari Conference hall for AMOs and 2-DRPS from each District State Level observers drafted from the faculty of SCERT, DIET and SRGs along with SPO personnel.  In this regard the DEOs. POs are requested to identify t«o good DRPs who are conversant with SLAS work and depute them along with AMO for the said State Level orientation programme. The T.A & D.A for the State Level orientation programme for the AMO & DRPs of respective Districts shall be met from the respective DPOs.
       The Principals of DIETs are also requested to depute the identified faculty of respective DIETs as State Level Observers to said orientation programme. The T.A and D.A will be paid by SPO, RVM as per APTA norms. The POs are requested to provide local transportation facility to State level Observers.
The persons who have attended the State level orientation programme in turn have to train the identified CRPs in the Districts. These CRPs will administer the test in the identified schools in the district. In this regard, the POs are instructed to conduct one day orientation to MEOs and CRPs at District level along with District Level Observers on 5h February, 2014 at 10.00 am. The hand book of SLAS shall be given to all the participants of the orientation training programme.
       To conduct one day orientation to MEOs and to CRPs involved in SLAS, the existing norms for conduct of training at District level shall be followed. The POs are requested to identify the good CRPs as per the requirement for conduct of Test, and they may be paid honorarium of Rs. 300/- per day + TA on the day of the conduct of Achievement Test only.
       The DEOs and POs are requested to follow the guidelines for conduct of SLAS. For conduct of SLAS, the instructions given in hand book shall be scrupulously followed by all personnel involved in SLAS at all levels. The expenditure involved related to the activities of SLAS and conduct of test shall be met from the head REMS Achievement Survey A& WB 2013-2014 of respective District.
       The DPOs are instructed to constitute the team of District level observers with Sectoral officers, Senior MEOs, DIET faculty to monitor the conduct of SLAS. The District team members shall also be involved in Video conference/teleconference/ in District Level Trainings After conduct of test, depute AMO with instructions to handover Pupil response sheets, (test booklets) school wise, subject wise in packets with proper labels and content slips along with attendance sheets to Director, SCERT, A.P., by 10th February, 2014.
       After conduct of test, the CRPs are instructed to handover the day wise material (used and unused) to concern MEO. After completion of test the concerned MEO should handover to the DPO with attendance sheets and with necessary formats.

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