02 February, 2014

RC.No.118, Dated: 31-1-14 :: DSE report to Govt on Encashment of HPL to PanchayatRaj Teachers

RC.No.118/Rl-2/2012, Dated: 31-01-2014 :: Submitting Information regarding  Encashment of Half Pay Leave -Applicability of relevant
Government Orders to the Panchayat Raj institutions

1. G.O.Ms.No.342 Finance & Planing Department, dated: 30-09-1994.
2. G.O.Ms.No.234 Finance & Planning Dept, dated: 27-10-1999.
3. Government Memo.No.49578/905FR-I/A2/1998, dated:
23-02-1998 of the Finance
4. Government Memo.No.27424/SE.OP/99-3, dated: 01-01-2009 of the Education(SE.OP) Department.
5. G.O.Ms.No.154 Finance (FR-I) Department, dated: 04-05-2010.
6. Rules Nisi dated: 09-03-2012 of APAT, Hyderabad in OA.No. 1863/2012.
7. Order dated: 19-10-2012 of the Hon'ble A.P.A.T., Hyderabad in
OA.No.l863/2012 and O.A.No.6267/2012.
8. Government Memo.No.7380/PE.Ser.I-2/2012, dated: 10-12-2012 of Education (PE) Department.
9. Lr.Rc.No.118/Rll/2012, Dated: 31-10-2013 of the Commissioner and Director of School Education, A.P. Hyderabad.
10. Govt.Memo.No.7380/PE-Ser-I.2/2012, Dated: 08-01-2014.

In response to the Govt. Memo 10n cited, I submit that, It is not known whether any entitlement given by the Panchayat Raj Department to the Panchayat Raj teachers previously in respect of encashment of Half Pay Leave at the time of retirement while they were under the control
of Panchayat Raj department. Further, subsequently no orders have been issued from this office till the issuance of clarification issued by the Government in their Memo, dated: 10-12-2012.
Further, I wish to submit that, the Government vide reference 1st, 2nd and 5th cited have issued
orders for encashment of Half Pay Leave at the time of retirement to the Government Employees only, which were not extended to the Local Bodies / Panchayat Raj / Municipal managements.
      Therefore, certain teacher associations have made representations for extending encashment of Half Pay Leave at time of retirement to the Local Bodies / Panchayat Raj / Municipal managements also.
   In this regard, a detail report has already been submitted vide reference 9th cited. In view of the above, I request the Government kindly to re-examine the issue of extending the benefits of encashment of Half Pay Leave on retirement to the teachers of Local Bodies / Panchayat Raj / Municipal managements and issue necessary orders at an early date in the matter.

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