22 February, 2014

Rc.999/RMSA/2013, Dated 12.2.2014 :: RMSA School Annual Grants for 2013-14

 Rc.999/RMSA/2013 Dated 12.2.2014-RMSA (Rashtriya Madhyamika Siksha Abhiyaan) School Annual Grants for 2013-14 Sanction Orders. Director of School Education has released the Funds towards implementation of RMSA Programme in Andhra Pradesh under the components of School Annual Grants and Minor Repairs at school level. The DSE & Ex-Officio, Project Director RMSA, released an amount of Rs.50,000 to each of the 11,012 Secondary Schools in the State towards RMSA School Annual Grants, and an amount of Rs.25,000  towards Minor Repairs in 9876 Secondary Schools in the State. The Detailed Guidelines and Instructions on Utilization of RMSA Grants and Minor Repairs given below

Based on the sanctions, funds were released to all the Secondary Schools in the State under Recurring Grants in the sanctioned components during the year 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12 & 2012-13 with instructions to utilize the Grant released by the School Management Development Committees? constituted for implementation of CSS RMSA Scheme at School level in the State luly following the Terms & Conditions stipulated by GOI, MHRD, New Delhi and communicated vide reference 6th read above including the norms prescribed by GOI on School infrastructure, learning resources, teachers and others from Para 4.1 to 4.8 and from Para 8.3.1 to 8.3.7 on management structure at school level to strictly adhere to the instructions/norms.
Further, while communicating a list of Laboratory Equipments 8s Lab Consumables (Phy.Science, Bio.Science & Mathematics) of the Director, SCERT received through the reference 5th read above to all the Secondary Schools in the State they have been requested to instruct the concerned to purchase the needy and useful items for imparting Science Education to IX &X Class studying students in the School subject to condition that "so far as the schools not having proper/functional lab, while spending the funds released for purchase of lab consumables/ equipment and only such items may be purchased which are easily storable and would assist towards gradual building up of a proper lab".
Keeping in view of the observations made by the District Educational Officer, Inspecting Officers at Secondary School level and requests made by them, to have an idea in purchasing of books, periodicals, Science material etc. at School level, keeping in view of the norms prescribed by GOI, MHRD, New Delhi in the RMSA Frame Work a Committee was constituted to recommend the lists of books which are very useful at School level both for Teachers and Students.
After going through the "Catalogs obtained from KVS, NCERT, NBT, CBT, Telugu Academy arid Telugu University" the Committee unanimously recommended to suggest to procure the following Books, Periodicals, news papers etc. and the details of lists are as follows:

In addition to the above one English daily news paper preferably 'Hindu' and One Telugu/Urdu daily news paper recommended to arrange to the School Library.
The Committee members further gone through the "Manual on Science laboratory kit at Secondary level" provided by NCERT, New Delhi and the information provided by Prof.& Head, Workshop Department, NCERT, New Delhi,
It is unanimously recommended to suggest to procure NCERT, New Delhi designed and developed Secondary Science Kit (SSK) as per the scale recommended here under.

And so on as per the Students ratio @1:30.
As the Science Kit (SSK) contains only Physics, Chemistry and Biology subjects the committee recommended to procure Mathematics Kit also separately designed and developed by the NCERT, New Delhi.
The Committee also suggested to follow the break up as here under:
1. Purchase of Kits including Mathematics Rs. 22,000/- 
2. Purchase of Science charts and models Rs. 1,000/- 
3. Purchase of Lab consumable articles Rs. 1,500/- 
4. Maintenance, Replacement & Repair of the Lab equipment Rs. 500/- 
The Committee suggested to procure the Science Kits only through NCERT, empanelled suppliers/firms. The List of suppliers furnished by NCERT through the reference 6th read above is herewith appended to this proceedings with a request to procure them duly conducting SMDC meeting at School level:
In addition to the above they have also requested to follow the following guidelines scrupulously in selecting the Books etc. purchasing under School Annual Grants:
* When book reading is going down steeply, only the books that are reprinted many times standout as useful and popular books. It can be a right guideline to purchase the books that are Reprinted more than three times.
* General books in Physical & Social Sciences and Literature should be preferred.
* Books that inculcate a sense of patriotism and love for is culture may be procure.
* Books on great Nation builders and National leaders that inspire younger generation for a better future India need to be included i.e., Vivekananda, JC Bose, APJ Abdul Kalam etc.
* Books that inculcate human values among children need to be included.
* In schools, youngsters are in formative stage and the books, which impart knowledge about their life, will serve definite purpose than the books that impart general knowledge about the outside world. Books, which are useful in day-to-day life, are to be preferred.

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