14 January, 2015

Representations of JAC to the Group of Ministers Regarding PRC 2013

We wish to state that vide reference cited the Hon'ble Minister for Finance hasconvened a meeting with the Employees Associations on Implementation of the 10thPRCat 2:00 P.M. on 13.01.15 in the Chambers of Minister for Finance & Planning, A.P.

In this connection, we have to inform that we have discussed the matter in detail inthe JAC Executive Committee Meeting held on 12.01.2015 at APNGO's Home, Hyderabadand decided to discuss with the Group of Ministers on the following issues.

1) Minimum Pay has to be raised from Rs.13,000/- to Rs.15,000/- and maximum payfrom Rs. 1,10,850/-to 1,37,600/-.
2) The JAC expressed dissatisfaction on the recommendation of 29% Fitment by thePRC. The JAC is of the opinion that 69% is appropriate to the present inflationrates.
3) The PRC has to be implemented w.e.f. 01.07.2013 with all monetary benefits.
4) The services of Contract employees and Full Time Contingent Workers has to beregularised.
5) The HRA payable with in peripheral distance of 8 Kms. has to be enhanced to 15Kms.
6) The maximum Increment rate of 2.33% has to be raised to 2.832%.
7) Gratuity has to be enhanced up to Rs. 15.00 Lakhs instead of Rs. 12.00 Lakhs.
8) Restoration of Commuted portion of Pension paid after 12 years instead of present15 years.
9) District Headquarters, viz., Machilipatnam, Srikakulam & Chittoor have to beallowed HRA @ 20% irrespective of Population.
10) The Bad Climate Allowance for the employees working in Agencies has to berestored.
11) The Pay Scales of Common Categories, i.e., Junior Asst., Senior Asst.,Superintendent has to be raised on par with Secretariat Staff since thequalifications and work nature are one and the same.
12) 180 days Maternity leave to the Contract and Outsourcing employees has to beprovided with Pay and Allowances.
13) All employees who are drawing salary from Government has to be providedsalaries under 010 Head of Account duly bringing under roof by changing system ofGrant-in-Aid etc.
14) The Pay Revision has to be implemented to all State Govt. Employees includingPublic Sector Undertakings and Gurukula Vidyalayas, Co-operative Societies etc.
15) The superannuation age to State Govt, employees has to be extended to all StateGovt. Organisations like Public Sector, Grandhalaya Samsthas, Gurukulas,Societies etc. which were not already enhanced.
16) School Fees reimbursement has to be paid on par with Govt, of India rates.

We, therefore, request the Group of Ministers to discuss with the representatives ofJAC on the above points and issue favourable orders in the matter.

Download Representations of JAC to the Group of Ministers Regarding PRC 2013

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