10 January, 2015

Rc. No. 2086, Dt:29.12.14 :: Release of amount for Uniform Cloth to the children in Govt. Schools for the AY 2014-15

Rc. No. 2086/SSAI APIA 13/2014, Dt:29.12.2014 :: Procurement of Uniformcloth to the children studying I to VIII classes in the Govt. Management Schools in the State for the year 2014-15 - Release of amount to the APCOinstructions issued - Reg.

1. G.OMs.No.24, Industries & Commerce Dept. Dt: 22.03.2013.
2. This office Proc.Rc.No.2086/SSA/AP/A13/2014, Dt:23.07.2014.

In continuation of this office Proceedings 2nd cited, the Project Officers of SSAin the State are requested to issue necessary instructions to the SMC's of their districts for release of 100%payment to the APCO through online transfer to the APCO accounts after receipt of cloth as per their indent for the year 2014-15 on or before 10.01.2015 without fail. The SMCs should release amount to the stitching agencies after completion of stitching work.

The Project Officers of SSA are requested to report to the APCO authorities regarding technfcal problems arises (fading of colour, shrinking of cloth etc.,) if any duly intimating to this office also for replacement of cloth.

Further the Project Officers are informed to issue necessary guidelines to the concerned Sectoral Officers to take actual number of students on roll studying Classes - I to VIII at the time of the preparation of AWP&:B 2015-16 to avoid the complications.

They are also requested to intimate the amounts paid to APCO and remit the unspent balance amount to the SPO immediately after compilation of the work.

Download Rc.No.2086/SSA/AP/A13/2014, Dt:Dt:29.12.2014

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