27 January, 2015

Memo.No:307, Dt:13.1.15 :: Senior Officers of the Departments/RJDSE's/DEO's/Dy.E.O's/Dy.I.O's and MEO's are instructed toinspect,visit & stay nighthalt at schools in BADIBASA Programme

Memo.No:307/Prog.II/A2/2015, Date:13 01 2015 :: SE Dept - Inspections & Visits - BADIBASA by the Senior Officers of the Departments / RJDSE's /DEO's / Dy.E.O's/ Dy.I.O's and MEO's in the State - Instructions
- Reg.

References: From the Commissioner & Director of School Education, A.P.. Hyderabad. Lr. Rc. No.181 /A&I/2014. dt:30.12.2014.

In the circumstances reported by the Commisssioner & Director of School Education A.P, Hyderabad. after careful examination. the C& DSE, A.P, Hyderabad is hereby permitted for issue of orders to all the RJD's. P O's(SSA).D.E.O's,Dy.E.O's. Dy.I.S's and M.E.O's to inspect and visit the schools. which are under their jurisdiction frequently and plan for the night halt (Badi Basa) in the School premises or in the-village for ensuring the teacher / student participation in all the activities and for the development of Institution.

2. The Commissioner & Dircector of School Education. A.P,Hyderabad is requested to take further necessary action accordingly and submit action taken report to the Government

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