30 January, 2015

Letter No.12462/Elections.C/A2/2014-1, Dated: 01.11.2014 :: EC Stated to preserve EL's For Teachers as per Memo.20214 for Election Duty, No Seperate Orders Required

Letter No.12462/Elections.C/A2/2014-1, Dated: 01.11.2014 :: The President,
Telangana State United Teachers Federation, Gaganmahal Road No.7, Domalguda, Hyderabad.29.(we)


           Sub: Elections - Drafting of teaching staff for Election related Work
                   during the summer or any vacation-Permission of E.L. As per the 
                   provision of FR 82 to the teachers working in Election related work -
            Ref: 1. Govt. Memo.No.20214/PE.Ser.l/2009 Education (PE.SER.I)
                    Department dt. 04.01.2010
                    2. From Telangana State United Teachers Federation, Dt.24.10.14.

              With reference to your letter'2nd cited, it is informed that'Government
have already issued orders in the reference 1st cited, to credit the number of
days the teaching staff spent on actual election duty to their E.L. account based on the attendance certificate issued by the Election Authorities in the Districts.

Therefore, there is no need to issue a separate orders in this matter and the Commissioner & Director of School Education, Hyderabad may be approached in this regard.

                                                                                    Yours faithfully
                                                              for ADDL. CHIEF ELECTORAL OFFICER 

Download Letter No.12462/Elections.C/A2/2014-1, Dated: 01.11.2014

Download Memo.No.20214/PE-Ser I/2009, Dt:04.01.2010

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