17 January, 2015

PRC Cabinet Subcommittee & APJAC.15 members meeting 17Jan 3pm @hyd. Visit link & share message as much as you can

PRC Cabinet Subcommittee &APJAC.15 members comity meeting 17Jan 3pm @hyderabad all teachers demand at least 49% Fitment we want best Ftmt

Point to Ponder ::
PRC 2014 recommended DA proportionate ratio is 0.542 When we approached state leaders they simply replied it is financial formula.

Is this meant only for our state. In other states the proportionate ratio is 1:1 like in Tamilnadu,Haryana etc..

Please throw a light on this issue.
Fitment fixation should not be the
criteria for our demands but DA ratio need to be the bone of
contention. If DA ratio Does not
change, our DA up to next PRC will
be up to 30% Only. think and to all employees in your contact
list Plz pass this msg to all govt
employees you are in touch Because unions havenot included this point in their agenda we r very much worried what is the reason behind it?

"Share this message to our TEACHER'S GROUPS through facebook, twitter, whatsup, telegram Members & Thank
you brothers.

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