30 January, 2015

Rc 118, Dt.24.1.15 :: Instructions on.Prefinal Qstn.Papers for 9th, 10th classes to DEO's

Rc.No.118/A&1/2014, Dt:24.01.15 School Education-O/o Commissioner of School Education, A.P, Hyderabad-District Common Examination Boards in the District-Reg.

Read:- 1. C.S.E.Procs. RC.N0.118/A & l/2014,DL29 -00-2014 2. C.S.E.Procs. RC.NO.1 18/A & I/2014.DL20 -10-2014 3. C.S.E.Procs. RC.N0.118/A& 1/2014,Dt.26-10-2014

The attention of the all District Educational Officers in the state are invited to the references cited, and further informed that , as per the School Academic Calendar 2014-15 pertaining to High Schools the prefinal annual examinations for class IX and X students are to be conducted from 14-02-2015 to 25-02-2015.

In view of the cancellation of DCEB. the DEOs are instructed to take action for preparation of Question paper for Class IX and X (prefinal and final) at the School level as per instructions issued in C.S.E.Procs.Rc. No. 118/A&I /14, dt: 20-10-2014.

Further instructions were issued that the Government schools will set question paper by themselves and will continue to collect Rs.15/- per student in respect of IX & X class as it is practical earlier in SPD.SSA Rc.No.27/SSA/A3/14, dt.26-10-14.

In view of the above it is submitted that the instructions issued by the commissioner in C.S.E RC.NO.118/A&I/2014, Dt:20-10-2014, SPD, SSA Rc.No.27/SSA/A3/14,dt.26-10-14 are clear and self explanatory.

Therefore all the DEO's in the state are instructed to take necessary action accordingly.

This has the approval of the Commissioner of School Education, A.P, Hyd

Download Rc 118, Date:27.1.15

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