28 January, 2015

Rc.No.8007/D1/SSC March 2015, Dt.23.01.2015 :: Instructions issued DEO on improving SSC Results to all Head manstersa in the District

Rc.No.8007/D1/SSC March 2015, Dt.23.01.2015 :: SSC Public Examinations, March -2015 -Improving the SSC results-certain guide lines issued-Reg.

Ref:-1 Letter RC.NO.442/E1-1/2013 of the Commissioner of the School Education,A.P. Hyderabad.
2. Lr. Rc.No. 3728/B512014 of the RJDSE, Guntur.

The Principals/Headmasters of Secondary Schools in the district are informed that in certain colleges/Schools the ssc public Examinations results are poor in the past few years. In ordered to ensure quality of Education to improve standards and the Academic performance of the students achievement of better results in SSC Public Examinations, March-2015,the following steps has to be taken up by the Principals/Headmaster concerned.

1. Conduct special classes in the morning and evening daily, giving more weightage to the difficult concepts.
2. Complete the syllabus in each subject. as per School Academic Calender- 2014
3. Arrange for demonstration on the concepts in physical science and Biological science practical for more conceptual clarity to the student
4. Provide additional study material to the students.
5. conduct monthly meetings With the parents of X class students starting from the month of December 2014 to review the progress of each student in all subjects. Request the parents to ensure for regular attendance of the students and providing for study at home. The parents whose children are
toppers should be requested to talk and share their experiences with other
6. Start thorough revision in each subject after completion of syllabus.
7. See that any teacher should not discourage any students for poor performance, instead encourage the students and built up confidence.
8. After analyzing the results of unit test/terminal exams identify the week children in each subject and take steps to improve their performance.
9. All subject teachers should adopt weak children of their subject for improving performance in their subject duly paying special attention.
10. Conduct daily slip /review test after giving sufficient study time to students on daily basis under supervision of subject teachers
11. After conducting the test. arrange to evaluate the answer script immediately and bring the correction/mistakes, if any to the notice of the students. Without valuating the answer scripts of the previous test,the teachers should not conduct one more test. The Headmaster has to supervise all teachers and periods in this aspect.
12. All subject Teachers shall make the X class students to practice the model question papers of each subject.
13. The headmaster should conduct weekly subject review meeting with X class subject teachers to review the performance of students in each subject.The Headmaster should personally interact with students on their performance at least once in a week.
14. All subject teachers should maintain progress reports of their subject.
15. Head master to arrange inspiring/motivating talks by the toppers of previous batches of X class from the school.
16. Conduct oath taking daily by X class students every day in their class room.
17. Headmaster has to act as team leader. There is no target.The only target is that every child should pass the X class exam.
18. Children may face stress during preparation period and exams. One of the teachers who have motivational capacities may be designated as X class children councilor. He/She should be able to interact with children and give personal counseling as an when required.

All the Principal/Headmasters are requested to bestow their special attention to this item of work and ensure better and qualitative results in the ensuing SSC Public Examination. March-2015 and make the district top in the state.

Download Rc.No.8007/D1/SSC March 2015, Dt.23.01.2015

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