21 November, 2014

G.O.MS.No. 213 Dated. 20-11-2014 :: Permission Accorded for Filling 9061 vacant posts of teachers through DSC 2014

G.O.MS.No. 213 Dated. 20-11-2014 :: Filling of Nine Thousand and Sixty One (9061) vacant posts of teachers through DSC - Permission Accorded - Orders-Issued.

1. G.O.Rt.No. 5691, General Administration (Ser-A) Department, Dated. 13.12.2012
2. U.O. Note No. 14384/SE. Exams/2014 of School Education Department.

1. In the G.O. first read above the General Administration (Services-A) department issued orders adopting an annual Calendar for recruitments and prescribed a schedule for estimation and notification of vacancies for recruitment.
2. The School Education Department has furnished a list of vacant posts of different categories of teacher posts and requested to accord permission to fill the posts through DSC.
3. After careful examination of the proposal of the department and keeping in view the actual requirement and the overall financial implications, the government hereby accord permission to the School Education Department to fill Nine Thousand and Sixty One (9061) vacant posts of Teachers through DSC as detailed below.

4. The SE Secretariat Department and the Commissioner and Director of School Education shall take necessary action for filling the respective posts duly following the Rule of Reservation, the provisions of the Presidential Order and Provisions of the service Rules applicable to the relevant posts duly constituting District Selection Committees as per the existing Rules.
5. The School Education Department shall issue detailed guidelines regarding the recruitment process.

GO MS No.213 Dt:20/11/2014: Permission Accorded for Filling of 9061 vacant posts of teachers through DSC

G.O.Ms.No.38, Dt:19.11.14 :: AP Teacher Eligibility (TET) Cum Recruitment Test (DSC 2014) Guidelines

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