04 October, 2014

Rc.No.65, Dt:31.5.14 :: 89.47 Lakhs sanctioned for Furniture of Govt UP School children for Prakasam Dist

Rc.No.65/RVM(SSA)/CWs/Prakasam/ 2014-15, Dt:31-05-2014 :: RVM (SSA), A.P., Hyderabad – Civil Works – AWP&B 2014-15 - Furniture for Govt Upper Primary School children for Prakasham District – Administrative Sanction accorded for an amount of Rs.89.47 Lakhs – Reg.

PAB Meeting held on 24-04-2014 at MHRD, GOI New Delhi.

             Vide reference cited the Government of India have communicated the approved budget under AWP&B 201 4-15for the Civil Works. Out of this for 17894 children, furniture for GovtUpper Primary Schools with an amount of Rs: 89.47Lakhs  for Prakasham District  is approved. 

             Based on the School Wise Data furnished by the Project Officer, RVM (SSA)and keeping in view the norms of RTE Act, Administrative Sanction is hereby accorded for Furniture for GovtUpper Primary School children for Prakasam District is as follows. 

For Complete List of Schools see the Document

The Concerned Project Officer/Executive Engineer, RVM (SSA),Prakashamis requested to follow the guidelines listed below.
  • The sanctioned amounts will be released to the concerned SMC of the school.
  • The SMC should procure the furniture (benches) three seated with an amount Rs: 1500/- or two seated with an amount of Rs: 1000/- according to the size of the class room with locally available standard materials like wood or iron.
  • If the frame of the bench with iron legs, the seated plank should be with wooden plank in order to prevent from heat to the children.
  • SMC should discuss and take a decision regarding procurement. Where ever possible, local contribution can also be obtained by SMCs.
  • Under any circumstance procurement shall not be centralized at District level which is  a contradiction according to procurement guidelines under SSA.
  • If any Project Officers resorts to centralized procurement it will be viewed very seriously and no SSA grants will be released to that District apart from initiation of disciplinary action.
  • Amount shall be released to sanctioned schools only. No deviation of funds is permitted to other schools.
  • Further, the Project Officer and Executive Engineer are requested to report compliance along with SMC account no. Bank details for releasing the amount.

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