29 March, 2014

Rc.No.662/A3 / RVM(SSA) / 2014, Dt:27-03-2014 :: Release of amounts to all SMC numbers of 3329 schools @Rs.600/- above 100 enrolled and @Rs.400/- &@Rs.200/- below 100 enrolled schools towards conduct of Annual Day for 2013-14

Rc.No.662/A3 / RVM(SSA) / 2014, Dt:27-03-2014 :: RVM(SSA), Prakasam District - Release of amounts to all SMC numbers of 3329 schools @Rs.600/- above 100 enrolled children and @Rs.400/- &@Rs.200/- below 100 enrolled children schools towards conduct of Annual Day an amount of Rs.8,67,400/- for the year 2013-14 sanction Orders - certain instructions- issued - Reg.

1) Proc.Rc.No.746/RVM(SSA)/C8/2011, Dt:15.02.2014 of the State Project Director, RVM (SSA), AP., Hyderabad.
2)  Administrative  sanction  by  the  District  Collector  and  Chairman, RVM(SSA)/  Project  Officer,  RVM(SSA),  Ongole,  Prakasam  District, Rc.No.555/A3/RVM (SSA)/2014,  dated: .02.2014.

In pursuance of the orders issued in the references cited, where in the State Project Director, Rajiv Vidya Mission (SSA), Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad has informed
that it is decided to celebrate annual day function in all schools in their districts.
In view of the above the project officer, RVM(SSA),Ongole released t amounts as per the annexure (enclosed) with instructions to all the Mandal Educational officers /Head masters for the celebration of Annual day function in all the (Govt & Local bodies) schools for the year 2013-14.They should invite all parents, Ex-officio members, Co-opted members, Villagers and Rtd. Educational Officers, beside SMC members for school Annual day.

Download School wise amounts Particulars for annual day celebration 2014

Download Rc.No.662, Dt.27.3.2014

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