09 March, 2014

G.O.Ms.No. 61, Date:05-03-2014 :: Amendment to A.P. Treasury Code Volume - I - S.R.72 (b) under T.R.16

G.O.Ms.No. 61, Date:05-03-2014 :: A.P. Treasury Code Volume - I - S.R.72 (b) under T.R.16 Certain Amendment - Orders - Issued.

References : Lr.No.D (1) 2/2567/2011, dt :16.04.2012 of the DTA., A.P., Hyd.

In the reference read above, the Director of Treasuries & Accounts, A.P., Hyderabad has informed that as per S.R. 72 (b) under T.R. 16 of A.P. Treasury Code Volume-I, monthly disbursement particulars have to be recorded in both halves of the   PPOs.   Accordingly,   the   PPOs   are   being   issued   by   the   Accountant General/Director of State Audit, duly attaching payment record sheets. Recently, the  A.G.,  A.P.,  Hyderabad  has  changed  the  procedure  discontinuing  the attachment of the additional Sheets (for recording disbursement particulars) along with both halves of the Pension Payment Orders. Once Pension payments through the Banks have become mandatory, the necessity for recording the payment date in the Pension Payment Order has lost its purpose. Further on Computerization of pension payments, the required payment details can be accessed by the Pension Disbursing Authority through the systems and required report can be generated i.e., Pay Bank Reports, Pensions Bills, List of Payments without referring to the Pension Payment orders.
2. The Director of Treasuries & Accounts, A.P., Hyderabad has therefore requested the Government to issue orders dispensing the procedure of recording disbursement particulars in the both halves of the Pension Payment Orders and issue an amendment to that effect to the Codal Provisions contained in S.T. 72 (b) under T.R. of A.P. Treasury Code Volume - I.
3. Government after careful examination of the proposal hereby issue the following amendment to SR 72(b) under TR.16 of APTC Vol.I:

A M E N D M E N T :
“Every payment of pension shall be entered on the reverse of both halves of the Pension Payment Order and attested   by   the   initials   of   the disbursing Officer”.
Existing Rule is Dispensed with as pay bank report, pension bills and LOPs    etc.    have    been    fully computerized. The payment details can also be generated through the system, in the form of “Pensioner’s Payment Information”.

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