31 March, 2014

Prog.Rc.No.SpI/A4/RVM(SSA)/2014, Dt.25/03/2014 :: RVM,Prakasam - Distribution of Summative III Question Papers by mandal office to school point

Prog.Rc.No.SpI/A4/RVM(SSA)/2014, Dt.25/03/2014 :: Rajiv Vidya Mission (SSA), Prakasam District   Pedagogy Wing Distribution of Summative III Question Papers by mandal office to school point - Certain instructions - Reg.

1. Proc.Rc.No.131/RVM(SSA)/C1/2013, dated 10.03.2014, 13.03.2014 & 14.03.2014 of the State Project Director, RVM(SSA), A.P.,Hyderabad.

All the Mandal Educational Officers in the District are here by informed that AP, RVM(SSA) is providing Summative    III Question Papers pertaining to Telugu , English and Urdu mediums to all schools with packing at MRC vide reference cited above. Hence the Mandal  Educational Officers are strictly instructed to follow the following guidelines for the maintenance of secrecy.
1. The question papers should be maintained in a confidential manner.
2. Required CRPs should be identified in advance and the question papers should be packed as per the school strength and sealed properly.
3. The sealed question papers should be dispatched to the school point and an acknowledgement should be taken from the Headmaster after delivery of the papers.
4. No wastage of question papers should be entertained while packing.
5. The overall responsibility will kept on DPOs to maintain confidentially and to reach the papers in time to all schools to conduct the Summative-III smoothly in the mandal.

Therefore the Mandal Educational Officers are requested to follow the guidelines and instruct Headmasters to run Summative III exams smoothly.

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