20 July, 2015

Lr No 537, Dt. 29.6.15 :: Instructions to Fill up CRT/PET vacancies of 2015-16 from District panel merit list of 2014-15

Lr.No.537/KGBV/APSSA/2014, SPD,SSA,AP, -06-2015:: APSSA, KGBV, Hyderabad - CRT vacancies in District - Filling up the araised vacancies from the District panel list of 2014-15 Clarificationissued - Reg.

1) Procs.Rc.No.537/APSSA/KGBV/2014, dt.16-08-2014 of the SPD,APSSA, Hyderabad.
2) Lr.Rc.No.697/APSSA/SKU2015, dt.16-06-2015 of the Project Officer,Srikakulam.

Kind attention of all Project Officers, APSSA, that State Project Director,APSSA, Hyderabad has instructed to prepare the CRTs/PETs panel list basing on themerit In the written test and Roster at District Level for the year 2014-15 videreference Ist cited to fill the existing aridfuture arising vacancies during theo

Further, all Project Officers, APSSA are requested to fill up CRT/PET vacanciesof 2015-16 with the eligible candidates of District panel merit list of 2014-15.

(This has got the approval of State Project Director).

DOWNLOAD   Lr No 537, Dt. 29.6.15

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