24 June, 2014

Rc.No.08, Dt: 19.6.14 :: Inclusion of VIII class in 2441 UP Schools to have eight years of Elementary Cycle in the State from 2014-15

Rc.No.08/PS-1-1/2014-1, Date: 19-06-2014 :: Primary Education – Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Rules – Inclusion of VIII class in upper Primary Schools to have eight years of Elementary Cycle in the State from the academic year 2014-15 – Orders Issued – Reg.

1. Lr.No.170/RVM(SSA)/C2(B7)/2010, dt:13-06-2014 of the SPD, RVM(SSA) Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad
2. G.O.Ms.No.55, SE(PE-SSA),  Dept., dated: 05.07.2012.

In the letter 1st cited the State Project Director, RVM Andhra Pradesh while reiterating the provisions of Right to Education Act 2009 has informed that there are 3869 UP schools, which do not have VIII class in Andhra Pradesh State as per DISE September 2013. Out of these 3869 UP schools 2441 schools have the strength above 20 in classes VI and VII.

The SPD has further stated that the Right to Education norms does not specify the minimum number of children required in classes VI and VII for opening of VIII class in the same school to complete the Elementary Education Cycle. Thus, the 2441 UP schools have to be considered for opening of VIII class so as to enable the children to complete the elementary cycle in the state taking 20 students as economically viable strength.
Further, as reported by the SPD, RVM there will be no additional requirement of teachers if VIII class is opened and in Annual Work Plan and Budget of SSA for the year 2014-15 additional class rooms were sanctioned to all those 2441 UP schools in Andhra Pradesh State. Consequently, there is no additional financial commitment involved in this regard.

In view of the above circumstances and after examination of the proposal of the SPD, RVM in terms of the guide lines issued in the GO 2nd read above the Commissioner School Education is hereby accord permission to include VIII class in 

Sl.NoDistrictNo.of UP Schools Given VIII class

5  Krishna: 161
6  KURNOOL: 225
8  KADAPA: 91
9  CHITTOOR: 241
10 NELLORE: 203
11 PRAKASAM: 218
12 GUNTUR: 223

from the academic year 2014-15. The list of the UP schools proposed for inclusion of  class VIII is annexed to this proceeding.

           The Regional Joint Directors of School Education ¬Kakinada and District Educational Officer, Srikakulam are requested to issue instructions to all the concerned Head Master and MEOs accordingly keeping in view the following directions:

1.The Head Masters in Upper Primary schools shall distribute the work load among Primary and Upper Primary sections and staff as per Annexure II and III appended to the G.O. Ms. No. 55 SE (PE-SSA) Dept., dated: 05.07.2012.
2.The MEO shall be made the inspecting authority to ensure the 8 year elementary cycle in upper primary schools.
3.The Deputy Educational Officer concerned will inspect the High Schools as usual.
4.With regard to recognition, the newly proposed 8 years elementary upper primary schools are brought under the purview of District Educational Officer.
5.There shall not be any financial commitment to the State Government.

The orders issued in this proceeding is for inclusion of only class VIII in the Upper Primary schools shall not be construed as permission for up gradation to High Schools. Under no circumstances, class IX and X shall be opened in these schools without specific prior orders of Government.  The inspecting officers, viz. the M.E.O / Dy. I. O.S / Dy. E.O, as well the Regional Joint Director of School Education and the District Educational Officer shall be held responsible for any deviation in this regard.

Therefore, the Regional Joint Directors of School Education, Kakinada, the District Educational Officer, Srikakulam are requested to take necessary action accordingly and follow the orders / instructions scrupulously.  Any deviations in the matter will be viewed seriously.

This has approval of the Commissioner of School Education, Andhra Pradesh  Hyderabad.

Download Rc.No.08, Dt: 19.6.14

List of Schools Dist wise sanctioned VIII class

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