18 June, 2014

Procs.No.A1/85/2013, Dt.21.04.2014 :: Instructions issued by RVM to maintain Newly opened SMC Accounts at SPO, DPO and Sub District Units of AP

Procs.No.A1/85/2013, Dt.21.04.2014 :: RVM (SSA) Uniformity in Maintenance of Bank Accounts at SPO, DPO and Sub- district units to ensure effective control and Streamlining of funds flow and related issues   entrusting 23 Districts, Sub  Districts to the   State Bank of India, State Bank of Hyderabad and Andhra Bank   Instructions - issued - Reg

1. Para No. 91.1 and 91.3 of Manual on Financial Management & Procurement issued by MHRD
2. Lr.No. F 13-8 /2013 EE 14 dt 19.06.13 of under Secretary to GOI N1HRD, New Delhi
3. Memo No 2830 /SSA/2014, Dt : 24.02.2014 of Principle Secretary to (PE. SSA)Dept.
4. A4/85 SSA/2012 dt 23.01.2014 of SPD RVM (SSA) AP Hyd
5. Lr. No. F .20 Dt 08.01.2014 of AGM, SBI Main Branch addressed to State Project Director RVM (SSA) A.P Hyderabad
6. Lr. F/ RVM/ 1614/ dt 15.01.2014 of Deputy General Manager (F&A) SBH addressed to the State Project Director RVM (SSA) A.P Hyderbad
7. Lr No 666 / 27/1083 /dt 13.01.2014 of Deputy General Manager Andhra Bank Addressed to the State Project Director RVM (SSA) A.P Hyderabad.
8. This Office Proc. of even no, dt.22.03.2014

In continuation of this office proceedings 81" read above & in partial  modification of the orders issued in respect of opening of SB Accounts in connection with DPOs and Sub district Units in the nationalized banks, the following further orders issued here with.
POs shall ensure not to open Accounts in any other branch in order to ensure proper tracking of funds and reconciliation. 

The Project Officers are directed to see that the accounts of DPO / Sub District units are opened in the Bank allotted to the concerned District by 15.05.2014 without fail. Further a detailed MOU is also entered with the Bankers at State Level to ensure prompt and smooth changing over of the Bank accounts process, the following steps have to be adopted by the project officers.

1. Issue  instructions  to  the  MF.Os  and Head Masters  to accord irrevocable mandate in favour of the Banker for retrieval of funds as and when requested by the State Project Director / Project officer. ( This has to be given as and when Banker approach them )
2. The SMCs transactions have to be stopped from existing / old accounts on or before 30th April 2014
3. Address a letter to the respective Bank branches where the SB accounts of the Sub District units are maintaining with a direction to not to   honor the cheques issued on or after 30.04.2014 except
transferring of amount to new Bank account.( Mention New Account
4. The  SMCs audit for FY 2013-14 has to be completed by 15`h May2014
5. The Audited balances will be transferred to the new SB accounts ofrespective sub district units,
6. The POs have to certify that the Bank accounts  of Sub District Units were audited and closed, the closing balance was transferred to new account by 31.05.2014
7. In respect of DPO accounts at Canara Bank, will be closed by30.04.2014.The closed balance will be transferred to the new accountsof SSA.

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