07 June, 2014

All MEO'S & MIS CO's are instructed to tranfer Balance to the Newly opened A/C's and sumit Profarmas before 10.6.14 to RVM

All MEO'S & MIS CO's are hereby instructed that the procedure of closing balance transfer to new ANDHRA BANK accounts for SMC/CRC/MRC shall be completed by 10-06-2014
1. Bank Statement for the old bank account from 01-04-2014 to account closing date.
2. collect the balance certificate before the transfer of the old bank account balance and that balance transfer through the online or dd (without deducting the dd charges on closing
3. submit the balance certificates and other details in enclosed format Further instruct that all MEO’S & MIS CO’s complete the balance transfer procedure followed by above said instructions on or before 10-06-2014. Without fail.

Profarma for Bank A/C Details

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