18 June, 2014

Prog.Rc.No.3055/RVM(SSA)/A4/2012, Dt.18.06.2014 :: Revised Proceedings for Deputation of 40 Urdu RP's to 4 day TOT programma to Hyderabad from 17-20 June2014& 23-26 June2014

Prog.Rc.No.3055/RVM(SSA)/A4/2012, Dt.18.6.14 :: Rajiv Vidya Mission (SSA), Prakasam District – Deputation of 40 identified Urdu Resource Persons to 4 day TOT programme at Hyderabad from 17th–20th June-2014 & 23rd-26th June-2014 – Orders – Issued –Reg.

1. Rc.No.142/RVM(SSA)/C1-U/2013, Dt.   .06.2014 of the State Project Director, RVM(SSA), AP, Hyderabad
2. Lr.Dt.12.06.2014  of the AMO of this office.

In pursuance of the orders issued in the reference 1stcited, the following forty (40) identified teachers are deputed to  4 day TOT programme at Hyderabad from 17 th– 20 thJune-2014 & 23 rd-26 thJune -2014 as shown below.

The above DRGs should attend training venues as per the spells by 10.00AM  onthe day of commencement of TOT with text books and modules pertaining to the subjects for which they are selected. Further the Mandal  Educational Officers are concerned mandals are instructed to depute CRPs to the schools in places of DRGs during the training programme.

Download Prog.Rc.No.3055/RVM(SSA)/A4/2012, Dt.18.6.14

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