22 May, 2011

Seniority Profarmas to be submitted by MEO's,HM's,Dy.E.O's

1.List of Male teachers who are working in Girls High schools below 50 years of age as on 01-06-2011
2.List of teachers who have completed 8 years of service as on 01-06-2011

Note: 1) If a teachers rendured service in the same school in different catagories of post, then the total period rendured in all categories of the posts in the school shall be computed for computing 8 years of srvice.
2) If it is a upgraded school and bifargated the service rendured before and after bifurgation, shall be computed for 8 years of service.
3)Those who have completed 8 years of service in particular school/Panchayath/Municipality in all schools as on 01-06-2011 shall be caluculated for computing 8 years service
Seniority Profarmas in Excel Format

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