25 May, 2011

DA 29.96%(diff:5.136% ) announced :: Software to prepare your DA table

D.A G.O will come on 24may 2011.Old D.A: 24.824. new D.A: 29.96.Diff:5.136..Adj to P.F: 1/11 to 5/11.Cash From 1.6.2011.
Download the DA software and prepare the DA table for your mandal. To Prepare The DA table you Have to do the Following.
1. Check your computer is installed with WINZIP or WINRAR.
2. Download the software.
3. Install ileap lite version by double clicking on the ileap.exe file.
4. Open the DA Table Software and Enter The serial No in the Box Provided.
5. Enter the names of UTF responsible persons in the Table Provided.
6. Open the DA page. The Table is now ready for Print on A4 page.

7. if you want to edit any thing password to unprotect sheet is guna
                                    in your service .....iteacherz team
DA 29.39%.xls + ileap.exe in RAR format

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