02 May, 2011

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Mayo Clinic finds new genetic cause of neurodegeneration | Science ...
By bjs
ROCHESTER, Minn. -- Mayo Clinic researchers have discovered two
mutations responsible for a devastating neurological condition they first
identified 15 years ago. The researchers say their study -- appearing in
Nature Genetics -- has ...

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ObL - now what : Dynamics of Cats
IF reports that US assassinated Osama bin Laden are true, then the big
question is how this affects US relations with Pakistan. Particularly if, as
rumoured, ObL was well housed near Islamabad. This is probably more
important in the...
Dynamics of Cats -
Activities report : We Beasties
By Kevin
Last year, I was awarded an NSF graduate research fellowship. This
fellowship pays my tuition and stipend for 3 years, so that my boss
doesn't have to. This is a great help to our lab, though I don't really get...
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