11 May, 2011


1.Primary schools:
    11-19 :: 1 SGT, 1 to 10 :: One Vidya Volunteer
    >80 strength :: LFL hm post retained and teated as SGT
    surplus LFL will be SHIFTED to needy schools with highest roll in  Descending Order
2.High Schools:
    Surplus S.A (P.S) adjusted in HS in a District,
    Balance of SA(PS) shall be adjusted / shifted to HS having requirement of SA (M)
    prioritizing the Schools in the following manner:
    i) Where no posts / less number of posts of School Assistants are
    ii) having more enrolment
3.Agency area is a unit for the purpose of Rationalisation.

Download Copy: RC.No.1570/C3-2/2010 Dt.10-5-11

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