19 May, 2011

10th class results on 21 may, SSC Grades in Absolute Grading System from this 2011

AP SSC 2011 Results with marks and grades possible only in
School Education department decided to implementation of Grading System in the SSC from Relative Grading System to Absolute Grading System Orders Issued. as per G.O.Rt No. 419, Dated: 17.5.2011 Government hereby accord permission to the Commissioner and Director of School Education, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad for adopting “Absolute Grading System” in the SSC Public Examinations as per the grades indicated in the table below:
Marks- Grade
92 to100- A1
83 to 91-- A2
75 to 82-- B1
67 to 74-- B2
59 to 66-- C1
51 to 58-- C2
43 to 50-- D1
35 to 42-- D2
34 and below E
This Grading System carbon copy of CBSE Grading System. IWWH will provide results links at ssc results time. Results with marks and grades possible only in

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