27 June, 2015

Lr.Rc.No:746/SSA/C8/2015, Dated.22.6.15 :: MEOs will act as authorised joint signatory instead of SMC chairmans as SMCs period expired by 29.6.15

Lr.Rc.No:746/SSA/C8/2015, C&DSE, AP, Dated.22.6.15 :: A.P.SSA, Hyderabad   Tenure of SMCs completion on 29.06.2015-
Alternative arrangements for release of funds Req- Reg.

1. This office U. Rc. No. 746/RVM/(SSAJ/C8/2012, Dated:24-06-2013.

In continuation of this office letter, cited, l am to inform that thetenure of the present SMCs In the State will expiring by 29.06.2015

In this connection I am to inform you that the construction of toilets Inthe schools are In full swing and making payments will required to be released by SMCs to the contractors. Other developmental activities will also be affected.

In view of the above, I request you to be keep MEO of the concernedMandal as In-charge Chairperson of the SMC with School Head Master and

School Complex Head Master as Joint signatories for release of payments tillthe formation of new SMCs.

Download Lr.Rc.No:746/SSA/C8/2015, Dated.22.6.15

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