13 June, 2015

G.O.Ms.No.67, Dt: 12.6.15 :: Sanction of Stagnation Increments in RPS 2015

G.O.Ms.No.67, FINANCE (HRM.V-PC) DEPARTMENT, Dated: 12.06.2015 :: PUBLIC SERVICES - Revised Scales of Pay 2015 -Sanction of Stagnation Increments- Orders- Issued.

Read the following:-
G.O.MS.No.46, Finance (HRM.V-PC) Department, dated: 30-04-2015

1. In the Government order read above, Government issued orders implementing theRevised Scales of Pay, 2015.

2. The Tenth Pay Revision Commissioner,among others,recommended for sanction of
five stagnation incrementsto the employees who reached the maximum of the pay scale.

3. After careful examination, Government accepted the above recommendation andaccordingly here by order that all the employees drawing pay in Revised Scales of Pay 2015 are
entitled for five stagnation increments beyond the maximum of time scale in which they are
drawing pay. These stagnation increments shall be treated as regular increments for all
purposes such as fixation of pay on promotion/Automatic Advancement Scheme, Pension etc.

4. The following notification shall be published in the A.P. Gazette.

In exercise of the powers conferred by the proviso to article 309 of the Constitution of
India, the Government of Andhra Pradesh hereby makes the following amendment to Andhra
Pradesh Revised Scales of Pay Rules, 2015.

The following rule shall be inserted after Rule 7.
"7-A.In the event of stagnation, five stagnation increments shall be allowed beyond thetime scale in the Revised Scales of Pay, 2015. These stagnation increments shall betreated as regular increments for all purposes such as fixation of pay on promotion /Automatic Advancement Scheme, Pension etc."

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