31 May, 2015

Rc.No1607, Dt.26-5-15 :: Administrative sanction as per orders of SPD, APSSA, Hyd for cancellation & Alternative Proposals of Toilets

Rc.No1607/AP SAA/DEE/2012, Dt.26-05-2015 :: AP Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Prakasam District- Civil works - cancellation & Alternative Proposals of Toilets-Issue of Administrative sanction as per the orders of state Project Director AP Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Hyderabad - Regarding.

Ref :-
1. Proc. Rc. No.17OBIRVM (SSA)/CW /2014, Dt'25-03-2015 of theSPD,APSSA, HYderabad.
2. Proc.Rc.N o:L6O7 I APSSA/DEE /20!2,Dt:-L7-04-2015 of the Project officer, AP Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Prakasam District
3. Rc.No.1607/APSSA/DEE12OL2,DI:-06-05-2015 of the Project Officer, AP Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Prakasam District.
4. Reports submitted by Dy. Executives Engineers of AP SSA, Prakasam District Dt.25-05-2015'

      The state Project Director, APSSA, Hyderabad & Project Officer, Ap Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Prakasam District sanctioned 139 New Toilets & 82 Reconstruction Toilets respectively vicle in the references 1't, 2nd & 3'd cited. Out of these, the Deputy Executive Engineers of concerned Sub Divisions have proposed 9 New Toilets & 19 Re Construction Toilets for cancellation and submitted alternative proposals due to,.rrrinrls reasons like already toilets 2 Nos existing and some are covered by public Sector Units etc, which are erroneously proposed by them previously by over sight and the same is being rectified by field verification.

Hence orders are here by issued for cancellation of 9 New Toilets and 19 Reconstruction Toilets and administrative sanction is here by accorded for 9 New toirets with an Estimate cost of Rs.15.84 rakhs and 1g Reconstruction Toilets with an Estimate cost of Rs.16.34 rakhs arternativery in the prace of cancelled New Toilets and Reconstruction Toilets as per the list enclosed'

The Executive Engineer APSSA Prakasam District is directed to take up the works immediately and complete them through concerned SMCs' by the
15th June 2015 without fail.

These administrative sanctions are issued as per the approval and directions issued reference 1't the state project Director APSSA Hyderabad shown in the reference 1st cited.

Download Rc.No1607, Dt.26-5-15 With Detailed list of Schools

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