29 May, 2015

G.O.MS.No. 61, Dt:29.05.15 :: Employees involved in Godavari Pushkaras are exempted from relieving, other exemptions

G.O.MS.No. 61, FINANCE (HR. I) DEPARTMENT, Dated:29.05.2015 :: Human Resources Management - Transfer and Postings of Employees -Furtherorders - issued.

Read the following: -
1. G.O.Ms No 211 of Finance (DCM-I1) Department dated 15.11.2014.
2. G.O. Ms. No. 57. Finance (HR-1) Department, dated: 18-05-2015
3. G.O. Ms. No. 58. Finance (HR-1) Department, dated: 23-05-2015
4. G.O. Ms. No. 59, Finance (HR-1) Department, dated: 25-05-2015

1. In the reference second read above Government has issued guidelinesand instructions for transfer and right placement of employees duly relaxingthe ban on transfer of employees imposed in reference first read above for theperiod from May 18 to 31*2015.

2. In the reference thirdand fourth read above Government has issuedcertain amendments to the guidelines and instructions regarding period ofservice at a station for mandatory and administrative/optional transfers.

3. In continuation of orders in the references second to fourth read aboveand after considering the administrative factors, the Government hereby issuefollowing orders for compliance by the concerned.
(a) The employees of the Endowments. Roads and Buildings(R&B). thePanchayat Raj Engineering and the Water Resources Departments,who arc currently involved in Pushkaram related activities in the EastGodavari and West Godavari Districts shall not be relieved from theircurrent positions until further orders.
(b) The employees working in the Zonal and Multizonal Cadre postslocated in the head quarters offices of the Directorate of State Audit,the Commissioner of Survey, Settlement and Land Records and theDirector of Economics andStatistics are exempted from theapplication of orders issued in the references second to fourth readabove.

4. This order is available in the internet and can be accessed at the address http://

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