04 August, 2011

Non Plan Budget Released For 2011-12 to Non Govt Primary & Aided Schools

Budget  2011-12 – Non-Plan – Communication of allotment under Grants-in-Aid  to  the   teaching  and  non-teaching  staff working  in   Non-Government Primary Schools  for 2nd  qtr.  of  the financial 
year 2011-12 – Proc812-AIV-11-12   || Allotment is in Ann812-11-12-311 to various Districts

School Education Non Plan Budget 2011-12 – Allotment of budget under  310   /   311-G.I.A.   Salaries   towards   “Assistance   to   Private   Aided Institutions”  in  the state  for   2nd  quarter  of   the  financial  year  2011-12 – Proc869-AB-AV-11-12 || Allotment is in ANN869-AB-AV-11-12 to various Districts

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