11 August, 2011

AP LAND RECORDS DOWNLOAD :: Download APLand Records like Adangals, Pahani, ROR - 1B, FMB, Tippan, with Computerization Forms

Now get Computerization Adangals, Pahani, ROR - 1B, FMB, Tippan at
Government of Andhra Pradesh has decided to make use the developments in the field of Information Technology in order to give efficient, fast and reliable services to its Citizens. In its IT policy, it is envisaged to introduce computers and computerize the processes for aiding administration through out the State starting from its bottom most to the top most unit of administration. There is a functional shift in the role of the Revenue Department from one of Revenue collection, maintenance of law and order to that of providing Citizen services and facilitating other departments in implementing their developmental activities. Government desires to use Information and Communication Technology to reflect the changing face of the Department effectively.Download Your Required Certificate like Adangals, Pahani, ROR - 1B, FMB, Tippan and etc with computerized forms from AP Revenue Department website of AP Land Records at The information available through this web site is for information only and cannot be utilized as certified/authenticated copy for producing in any court of law or for enforcing any legal claims etc. under the existing relevant Acts/Rules of the Government of Andhra Pradesh

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