14 March, 2015

“Weekly Cleanliness Drive” Should be Implemented in Schools :: C & DSE orders to DEO's

All the District Educational officers are informed that during the visit of Principal Secretary to Government of A.P., School Education to various schools in the state it was observed that the general cleanliness in the school premises will is found to be very poor. The unclean and unhygienic atmosphere in the school premises will lead to several health problems to the school children and Teachers. The unclean class room/school premises will not facilitate better learning environment to the students. It is also observed that running water is not made available in many of the schools.Lack of running water in the schools, will lead to poor maintenance of toilets, unhygienic atmosphere and will hinder regular attendance of the students.

Therefore all the District Educational Officers in the state are instructed to initiate “Weekly Cleanliness Drive” in all the schools in the district.

• The headmasters may be given instructions for taking up the responsibility and ensuring the cleanliness of the school premises fixing a particulars day of the week as cleanliness day (Wednesday).
• The Districts are also instructed to coordinate with the concerned department for providing running water to the Schools.
• Wherever it is not possible to access RWS the District Educational Officers are requested to ensure that overhead sintex tanks are provided to all the toilets in the schools.
• These tanks must be regularly filled up with water by engaging the services of the private water tanker suppliers at the mandal level.
• These expenditure met from the School grants or any other amount available.
• Also involve the community wherever possible.

The above instructions should be strictly followed for creating hygienic environment in the schools.

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