22 March, 2015

Lr.Rc.No.216, Dated:13.3.15 :: Guidelines on Implementation and monitoring of School Health Programme in each school

Lr.Rc.No.216/SSA/SH/BL/(C5)A5/2010, Dated:13.03.2015 :: APSSA,Hyderabad - RBSK - Implementation  and monitoring of School Health Programme in each school - Status on screening - Referrals and treatment - WIFS(Weekly Iron Folic Acid)   Supplementation - Necessary  Guidelines - Instructions - Issued - Reg.

1. Meeting on16-12-2014 held with the Commissioner, Health, Medical & Family Welfare Department, Koti, Sultan Bazar, Hyderabad.
2. Meeting held with Project Coordinator of NHM of RBSK on 11-03-2015.
3. Lr.Rc.No.216/SSA/SH/BL/C5/2010, dated:30.12.2014 of this office.

Kind attention is invited to the subject and reference cited above. The Project Officers / District Educational Officers of 13 districts are requested  to  pay  attention  on  implementation  of  RBSK  School  Health Programme in concerned district.

The Commissioner of Health, Medical & Family Welfare Department vide reference cited issued Guidelines and instructions to District Medical Officer & Health Officer on implementation of RBSK(Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram) in all schools. They also "Observing every Thursday has School Health  Day"  and  distributing  the  WIFS(weekly  Iron  Folic  Acid) Supplementary to every child after lunch.

1. 1st to 5th class - Small doses.
2. 6th to Higher Level - Large doses.

May  be  administrated  in  each  school  for  each  student  and  also 10 tables to each student may be stocked at disposal of HM of each school, and also requested to send the status report on the following points.

* Status on students Screening.
* No. of students Referred.
* No. of students Treated.

Identification of Chinnari Doctors in each class / section of the school to create awareness on health habits (Swasthya Lahari). Formation of Arogya clubs in each school up to Upper Primary to Higher Level.

The Project Officers / District Educational Officers are requested to position the PETs / PDs as Health coordinators to coordinate with health team at school point in concerned district (Vide reference 3rd cited).

The POs / DEOs are requested to coordinate with DM & HOs at district level and also issue instructions to MEOs / HMs at mandal level to coordinate  with  concerned  PHC  Doctors  /  Liaison  Officers  of  RBSK  in implementation of the said programme and also school wise children data may be send to State Project Office ( ) & Health, Medical  &  Family  Welfare  Department ( ) to Monitor with Health, Medical & Family Welfare Department at State Level.

Download Lr.Rc.No.216/SSA/SH/BL/(C5)A5/2010, Dated:13.03.2015

Guidelenes on IEDSS Implementation

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