07 March, 2015

How to reset your CPS/PRAN password

How to reset cps/pran password

1. Password should be like syed@1111 less than
14digit (name symbol number) and have to
conform in the next column
2. After filling the mandatory fields ( * Marked
Fields are Mandatory) click on Generate OTP
3. An One Time Password ( OTP) comes to our
Registered Phone Number
4. Enter the OTP at asked place then there will
appear a message Successfully completed
5. Again u go to CPS Fund Value Page
6. There u enter your PRAN Number and your
password you have give there.
7. You will enter to your PRAN Account and you
will be asked to reset password again
8. Reset your password as explained before
9. Congratulations you have Successfully reset
your PRAN/ CPS Password

Thanks to Mr.Sanjeevudu Pendekanti (My FB Friend) to share the nice and useful information

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