30 January, 2014

Memo No. 7380/PE-Ser-l.2/2012 Dt. 8 .1.2014 :: DSE is requested to Examine the issue of Encashment of HPL to PR Teachers

1. Representation of Progressive Recognised Teachers Union, A.P. Dt. 25.6.2013.
2. Representation of A.P. United Teachers Federation Dt. 8.7.2013
3. Representation of A.P.Teachers Federation, Dt. 16.7.2013.
4. Resolution of A.P. Teachers Federation, DT. 10.7.2013,
5. Govt. Memo No. 7380/PE-Ser.l/2013, Dt. 7.8.2013
6. Representation of the State Teachers Union, A.P., Dt. 3.8.2013,
7. Govt. Memo No. 7380/PE-Ser.l/2013, Dt. 17.8.2013
8. Representation  from  the  MLC,  Karimnagar Teachers  Constituency Dt.19.8.2013.
9. Govt. Memo No. 7380/PE-Ser.l/2013, Dt. 24.8.2013
10. Representations from A.P. Upadyaya Sangam, Hyd., Dt. 27.8.2013 and A.P. Teachers Federation Dt.30.9.2013 & 27.9.2013.
11. Representation of Telangana Union Federation Dt.30.9.2013
12. The Director Local Fund Audit, A.P Hyderabad, Lr.Rc.No.l0/P3/97, Dt:6.11.1997.
13. Govt.Lr.No.24163/SE-0P/2002 School    Education Department,
Dt. 7.2.2003.
14. Govt.Memo No.2413/SE-OP/2002, School Education Department,
15. G.O.Ms. No.447, PR & RD(Accounts) Department Dt.28.11.2013


The attention of the Commissioner & Director of School Education, Hyderabad is invited to the references cited. The Teacher Associations have been contending in the matter that since 1994 the Panchayatraj Teachers have utilized the benefi of H.P.L. encashment at the time of retirement. But this facility has been stopped/denied because of the clarification issued in Memo No. 7380/PE- SERVICES-l/2012, Education(PC) Department Dt. 10.12.2012. In this regard, it may be observed that there has always been some kind of inconsistency on the applicability of this benefit for Panchayatraj Teachers. The Director of Local Fund Audit A.P. Hyderabad had addressed letters to Government vide his letter dated 6.11.1997, 5.11.1999 and 25.11.1999 seeking clarification on the applicability of this provision to the local body employees etc. Further, while provincialising the Services of employees of Panchayatraj Institutions vide G.0.Ms.No.l68,PR & RD (Estt-3) Dt:20.3.1981 it has been mentioned therein that till such time separate orders regarding amendment to service rules issued their salaries and allowances from existing sources should continue. Accordingly, separate orders have been issued in GO.Ms No. 354, PR & RD Accounts-ll Department, Dt.16.9.2008 for drawl of their salaries through the Head of Account "010". But it is not known whether any such order have been issued either by the P.R. Department or School Education Department in respect of allowances such as Half pay Leave encashment at the time of retirement. It is also not known from the report of the
Commissioner & Director of School Education, Hyderabad in letter Dt. 13.10.2013, about the previous practice in this regard while the PR. Teachers were under the Administrative Control of PR & RD Department/ Zilla parishad.

Therefore, the Commissioner & Director of School Education, Hyderabad is requested to examine what has been the previous entitlement given for Panchayatraj teachers in respect of enhancement of Half Pay Leave at the time of retirement while they were under the control of P.R. Department and subsequently till the issuance of the subject clarification in the Memo.Dt:10.12.2012 above cited. She is further requested to thoroughly examine the entire issue, and submit a detailed report to Government for taking necessary action in the matter.

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