23 January, 2014

Rc.No.31 /E1-1 /2011, Dt: 7.12.13 :: Revised dates communicated for 26.1.14 in School Academic Calendar

Reference: This Office Proc.Rc.No.31 /E1-1 /2013, dt:19.10.2013.

In continuation of the proceedings in the reference read above the Regional Joint Director of School Education, Kakinada, Guntur and Kadapa and the under mentioned  District  Educational  Officers  are  informed  that  a  schedule  for compensatory working days is worked out for Missionary schools and Non-Missionary schools and communicated, in the said schedule for the Missionary schools, the holidays on 15-10-2013 (which  is prior to the date of proceedings) 24-12-2013 (Christmas Eve), 26-12-2013 (Boxing day) and 26-01-2014 (Republic day) is mentioned in the reference read above.

In partial  modification  of  orders  issued,  the  following  working  days prescribed / revised, for further necessary action.
Sl.No. Prescribed Working days            Revised dates
1       15.10.2013                   11-01-2014 (2"d Saturday) 
2       24.12.2013     Missionary schools of           12-01-2014 (Sunday)
3       26.12.2013     13 districts           09-03-2014 (Sunday)
4       26.01.2014  for all schools of 13 districts.     30.03.2014 (Sunday)
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