10 April, 2015

Memo.Rc.No:400, Dt:14.3.15 :: Supply of furniture to 360 UPSchools in PRAKASAM DIST

Memo Rc.No:400/Sr.Acc/APSSA/2015, Sr.Executive Engineer, Dated:14-03-2015 :: APSSA,Prakasam District - Supply of furniture to 360 UPSchoois -Procurement from M/s. Swathi Industries Gundlakamma (V) in addition to, from M/s. Lionsclub,Ongole - Orders issued- Reg.

1. This Office circular Rc.No:400/ Sr.Acc/APSSA/2015,Dt:22-01-2015 of the Project Officer,APSSA,PrakasamDistrict.
2. M/s. Swathi Industries, Gundlakamma (V) Lr Dated: 12-03-2015 with the endorsement District Collector &Chairman, APSSA, Prakasam District.

1. With reference to the circular 1st cited, all the MandalEducational Officers / Head Masters of MPUP Schools were informed toobtain furniture (Benches) for students through Lions Club International,Ongole.

2. The Financial year is coming to an end and many UPSchools are still left without procuring sanctioned furniture. Theexpenditure towards this intervention is to be booked immediately andU.C is to be submitted to H.O at an early date, as this is a one time grantand have no spill over.

In view of the above all the Mandal EducationalOfficers/Head Master of UP Schools are here by informed to procure thefurniture(Benches) from M/s. Swathi Industries, Plot No:317, GrowthCentre, Gundlapalli(V),Prakasam District also, duly following theguidelines mentioned in the reference 1st cited.

> M/S. SWATHI INDUSTRIES Contact Number is 9052628480, Director: K.Venkatesh.

Further they are informed that the SMC should check thequality of benches, before making payment. The expenditure per eachstudent should not be more than Rs.500/- including transport charges.

All  the  MEOs  should' inform  the  action  taken report immediately to this office through E-Mail.

Download Memo.Rc.No:400, Dt:14.3.15

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