03 February, 2015

Rc.No.250, Dated:02-02-2015 :: Sanctioning of DA and IR to the staff of Model Schools of AP

Rc.No.250/Al/APMS/lR/DA/2014 Dated: 02-02-2015 :: RMSA - Model Schools - Sanction of DA and IR to the staff - Orders - Issued.
1. G.O.Ms.No.254, Finance (SPMC-1) Department, dated 3/12/2011
2. From the Commissioner & Director of School Education, A.P.Hyderabad C.NO.250/A1/RMSA/2014, Dated:28-11-2014.
3.Govt. Memo.No.1902G/Profi.l/Al/2014. dated 27/01/2015.

1. The attentions of the District educational Officers in the State and Principals of Model Schoc
A.P. is invited to the references 3rd cited, wherein the Government have issued orders for payment of DA and IR arrears to staff of Model Schools, subject to meeting the expenditure within Budget available under the relevant head of account for 2014-15 and no additional budget will be considered.

2. In view of the orders issued by the Government in the reference 3rd cited, the Commissioner of
School Education and Ex. Officio Project Director, RMSA/APMS, A.P. Hyderabad is hereby accorded
permission to the Principals of A.P. Model Schools through District Educational Officers concerned
claiming the salaries of the staff and Principals working in the A.P.Model Schools with present DA ie 7L904 and IR i.e. 27% in the basic pay from the salary bills of February. 2015 payable in March 2015.

3. Therefore all the District Educational Officers and the Principals of Model Schools in the State are  requested to take necessary action accordingly.

This has got the approval of the Commissioner of School Education and Ex-Officio Project Direcor of  RMSA/APMS, AP, Hyderabad.

Download Rc.No.250/Al/APMS/lR/DA/2014 Dated: 02-02-2015PuNMfth,
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