04 December, 2014

Memo.No.860, Dt:22.11.14 :: Three Member Committee to Inspect the Completed Toilets in all Districts

Memo.No.860/RVM (SSA)/CW/C10/2012, Date:22-11-2014 :: APSSA, Hyderabad - Civil Works - Contempt petition filed by J.K.Raju Vs State of A.P-Hon'ble Supreme Court Orders - Visit of three Member Committee to Inspect the Completed Toilets Districts-
Certain Instructions-Reg.

1. Memo.Pvcn No. issued dt. Aug'2014 and Nov'2014.
2. Memos and Circulars issued on this subject with Nos.1607/APSSA/2012.

Attention is invited to the reference cited above and as informed in the earlier memos, the Hon'ble Supreme Court directed the constituted three member committee for visiting the Schools in Districts for inspection of toilets and Drinking water facilities provided in the Schools.

In the record of proceedings dated 28-10-2014, Hon'ble Supreme Court directed that the suggestions given by the committee shall be religiously followed by the State and it must formulate the proper facilities as directed by the court.

As per the report of the three member judiciary committee, some of the adverse the remarks / suggestions to improve the condition of the toilets are submitted as indicated below.

• No hand wash facilities
• Toilets are most unhygienic
• Common urinal for boys and girls
• No adequate water in toilets
• No piped cuter supply in toilets
• Ground water provided as drinking water without filtering/purification
• No maintenance staff for the toilets
• No separate urinals
• No proper access to toilets
• Non-functional bore well
• No permanent source of water

Several instructions were issued by this office vide reference 2"a cited on maintenance of toilets and involvement of SMC time to time. In addition to these all the District Educational Officers and Executive Engineers/ Project Officers of AP SSA are directed to work on the above points and rectify the toilets to put them in a hygienic condition.

Download Memo.No.860/RVM (SSA)/CW/C10/2012, Date:22-11-2014 with instructions of ENGINEER of APSSA, Prakasam Dist

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