25 April, 2011

AICTE Decision :: More Engineering Seats to AP

Its Just mercy Killing to Rural engineering colleges...
This year the number of engineering seats in engineering colleges in the state is set to increase. The recent decision of the AICTE to lift upper capacity of 540 seats in engineering colleges accredited by the National Bureau of Accreditation-NBA has well settled urban college managements to apply for more seats.
Now as per new norms, the AICTE will permit additional sections with 60 seats in each branch, provided the colleges have adequate built-up area to accommodate additional students. AICTE got about 100 applications from top colleges to grant additional sections. It is expected to give 120 more seats in each college resulting in addition of 12,000 seats overall. The government is against any increase in seats as the number has touched three lakh and about one lakh seats went vacant last year. This give big effect on Rural engineering colleges most colleges going close on this effect.

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