08 August, 2014

Rc.No.15, Dated: 24 -7-2014 :: Guidelines and Financial Norms for Conducting of District Level Science Exhibitions in AP

Proceedings. Rc.No.15/B3/Sci/SCERT/2009 (phase-III); Dated: 24 -7-2014 ::  SCERT, A.P., Hyderabad INSPIRE Award Scheme - Conduct of District Level  Science Exhibitions (DLEs) - Certain guidelines and financial norms for conducting of District Level Science Exhibitions - Communicated.

1. D.O. Lr. No. 12011/61/2013-INSPIRE, dated: 1-1-2014 of Dr. Inder Jit Singh, IAS., Joint Secretary, Ministry of Science & Technology, DST, GOI, New Delhi
2. Lr. No. 120/11/66/2014-INSPIRE, dated: 23-6-2014 of the Under Secretary to GOI, DST, New Delhi
3. Lr.No. 25034/201-/INSPIRE, dated: 16-6-2014 of the Under Secretary to GOI, DST, New Delhi

In this connection C and DSE has informed to all the District Educational Officers in the state that references read above and  an amount of Rs. 49.75 lakhs (Rupees forty nine lakhs seventy five only) is released as a 1st instalment is being credited to their respective INSPIRE Bank Accounts through online transfer to the S.B. A/c of the District Nodal Officers (District Educational Officers) as per the annexure appended herewith for conducting the District Level Exhibition and Project Competitions on or before 15th August, 2014 as per their convenient dates.

Further, they are informed that the selected DLE(District Level  Science Exhibition) students will be participating in the State Level Science Exhibitions and Project Competitions (SLEPCs) and selected SLEPC students will be sent to the National Level Science Exhibitions to be held in the month of September, 2014 at New Delhi.

The District Level Science Exhibitions should be conducted under the Chairmanship of the District Collector a Magistrate as was done earlier and intimate the dates and venue of DLEPCs, so as to enable this office to send State Level Observers from this office and also to finalize date and venue for the State Level Science Exhibition Project Competitions in time.

They are therefore requested to conduct the District Level Science Exhibitions as per given guidelines duly involving all educational authorities and incur the expenditure as per norms and submit a detailed report on conduct of DLEPCs along with original vouchers and proofs of all the records indicated in the summery report from Column (2) to (15) in the given proforma to this office. 5% - 10% of the participants should selected be in DLEPCs and submit the list immediately on the next day of the completion of District Level Science Exhibition along with the write ups. Any deviation will be viewed seriously.

The District Educational Officers, Ananthapur, Kurnool and Vizianagaram are requested to organize District Level Science Exhibitions with the absentees of the previous DLEPCs without fail. Amount will be released soon after receipt of the expenditure particulars.

Nature of the expenditure
1.  Boarding and Lodging charges for INSPIRE Awardees @ Rs. 100/- x 3 days x 500 Nos. (Actual participants)
2.  Boarding and Lodging charges for accompanying Teachers ® Rs. IOU- x 3 days x 500 Nos. (Actuals) TA to the teachers as per APAT rules Boarding charges for 10% of the total awardees (Parents of Handicapped I girl student if any)
3.  Boarding and Lodging charges of Jury members including TA (2 to 5 Panels of 3 each) (Lodging / Boarding charges actuals as per A.P.T,A, Rules Honorarium ® Rs. 2000/- 3 days x no- of Jury Members.
4.  State Level Observers Lodging and Board charges as per APTA rules Honorarium (® Rs. 1000/- x 3 days)
5.  Publicity expenses (Invitations, Banners, Pamphlets, Brochures etc) Not exceeding Rs. 25,000/-
6.  Documentation: Not exceeding Rs. 30,000/-
      a) Photography
      b) Video
      c) Documentation of the DLE Best Projects
7.  Other Expenditure: Not exceeding Rs. 1.00 lakh
      a)Erecting Stage and Shamiyana
      b) Hiring and transpiration of furniture
      c) Electricity expenses / generator
      d) Stationery and documentation
      e) Supporting staff expenses
      f) Participation and appreciation certificates to students and teachers
      g) Water charges contingent expenditure
8.  Miscellaneous expenditure : not exceeding Rs. 5000/-

The above expenditure to be incurred from the 75% of the allocated fund. The remaining 25% amount shalt be utilized for sending selected students to the State Level Science Exhibitions.

Download Rc.No.15/B3/Sci/SCERT/2009, Dt:24.7.14

Guidelines in Telugu page 1

Guidelines in Telugu page 2

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