06 June, 2011

June 2011 Transfers :: Some information

Dear Readers,
>During S.A Transfers The List of Percentage of first classes of SSC of all Schools are communicated to D.E.O from S.S.C Board for 2010-11 Academic year. The Entitlement points are corrected in Preferential Category As per the list avilable with DEO. Hence Get a certificate about from Head master to get correct marks as entitlement points.
>All the Final lists displayed in our blog also getting modified before the Councilling and those are communicated instantly by displaying at notice board.
> Unions are not allowed in side the Councilling Hall.
> At the Time of Vacancies announced Fourth category Places are given importance for improvement of education as per GOMsNo:65
>Some of The Applicants are produced False Certificates for preferetial category. Those Applicants are found and the committee conducting councelling was stopped them, changed their seniority as per their entitlement points.
>The following list of candidates are identified by iteacherz, that they have given the date of first joining in cadre as their date of joining in school instead of 24 july 2009 in SA(PS) councilling. But the coucilling for S.A(P.S) was all most completed by Sl.No 67.
S.No. DEO Ack. No      Appl.No           Emp Name
2      DEO2818208339  338563  CHALLA VASANTHA LAKSHMI
11    DEO2818195624  327494  CHIRALA VEDAVATHI
75    DEO2818196490  299018  K.KIRAN KUMAR
87    DEO2818205303  362303  BODDAPATI PRASADA RAO
90    DEO2818199228  350182  N RAVI KUMAR
121  DEO2818199066  325738  K KOTESWARI DEVI
122  DEO2818225692  303075  V. SRINIVASA REDDY
127  DEO2818205243  312245  D A V RAGHURAM
128  DEO2818199039  324805  CH NARASIMHA RAO
129  DEO2818242751  371873  GERA VIKRAM BABU

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